25 julio 2008

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame 1929-1964

Twilight by John W. Campbell, publicada en 1934. La segunda historia del libro. Inquientante relato de la evolución y decadencia de la raza humana. Dicha evolución está asociada al desarrollo de robots aunque el autor usa la palabra 'machines'. Me surge una pregunta: ¿Existía el término 'robot' en 1934?
Respuesta de la Wikipedia:
The word robot was introduced to the public at large by Czech writer Karel Čapek in his play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), which premiered in 1921.
However, Karel Čapek himself was not the originator of the word; he wrote a short letter in reference to an article in the Oxford English Dictionary etymology in which he named his brother, painter and writer Josef Čapek, as its actual inventor. In an article in the Czech journal Lidové noviny in 1933, he also explained that he had originally wanted to call the creatures laboři (from Latin labor, work). However, he did not like the word, seeing it as too artificial, and sought advice from his brother Josef, who suggested "roboti".

Por lo tanto sí existía.

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